Monday, July 28, 2008

Taking the Plunge

Simple Scrapbooks posted their open calls for the Jan/Feb issue and a special issue tentatively called Photo Play. This weekend my craftiness was focused on items to submit. I always like to be working towards something and I thought it was time to actually start chasing my dream of being published some day and the only way to do that is get experience submitting.

Knowing that I was working on stuff I was going to send in actually threw me for a loop. I had a crafting block for the a good part of Sunday because I got hung up on trying to create something that was "good enough" for a magazine. I was trying to be something I'm not. So, after a brief counseling session/pep talk from Mitch I went back to craft room. I abandoned the layout that wasn't working and just went with my gut. I'll still submit these layouts but I really made them for me and my Library of Memories.

The two layouts are for the following open call:

2. Are you having a love affair? Send us layouts about the hobbies (like running or scrapbooking), objects (like chocolate or collectible spoons), habits (like constantly chewing gum or sleeping late) that you're hopelessly devoted to. It's a great way to scrapbook about yourself without really having to scrapbook "about" yourself, if you know what we mean. Share the passions that define you for a chance to be published in our January/February Share feature.

New Space: This was the layout that cleared my creative block. I just went back to the basics. The journaling is actually the blog post about my new space.

Obsession: This layout was inspired by a previous post regarding my quirky snacking habits. An old college friend commented that I haven't changed and thought, yeah - this is definitely something I'm passionate about, my afternoon snack! The journaling is really hard to read in the scan but it isn't in "real life".

The journaling on top reads:

First line: I can’t remember not loving popcorn & Pickles (heart) Same time every day I crave my favorite snack (heart) This is my constant through the years

Second line: There are some obsessions that can be hidden and indulged in private. However, a hankering for pickles and popcorn every single day is not one such obsession.

I used the Heidi Swapp Alphabet masks which I ADORE for the title. The above journaling actually pulls out to reveal more journaling.

First Paragraph: Most of the outside world is able to tolerate my love of popcorn. I’ve become accustomed to the question “what is that smell?” even when I have not in fact burned the popcorn. Being asked the question almost daily leads me to believe that they do know what “that smell” is but instead are asking in hopes of an offering to share my coveted snack. Not all popcorn is created equal. Growing up it was a real treat to see mom bring out the steel looking pan, watch her add oil and kernels and hear the popping. The sprinkling of salt over the piping hot popcorn with a hint of oil would send me over the edge. That is a guilty pleasure. But with the good comes the bad. I cannot eat movie theatre, Target or sporting popcorn without running the risk of getting sick. For some reason it just doesn’t sit well. But still I indulge much to my husband’s chagrin. Perhaps it is because most days I indulge in the run of mill 98% fat free popcorn and the richness of the butter is just too much for my popcorn saturated digestive system. I love popcorn.

Second Paragraph: Now my love of pickles is often a misunderstood vice and I have begun to hide it. For others the thought of me gobbling down an entire pickle is just too much to even think about. People say it smells but I have no idea what they are talking about. For me the mere thought or glimpse of a big pickle makes me salivate. My favorite pickles are what I call the “gas station pickles”. These are the ones in the huge jar that have to have been sitting there for months since there isn’t normally a huge rush on pickles. Perhaps it is their extended pickling period that makes them so delicious. A close runner up is the “pickle in a bag”. Which I believe has the highest gross out factor for others. Seems pretty innocuous right? Well, I like to drink the juice. I know a bit much but what can I say? At home, we keep the pickles in a huge jar stocked. When I was pregnant people who did not know my habits very well assumed my pickle obsession was the baby but those who did know me would quickly correct them and reveal that I am just a pickle feign. Did you see that man in Louisville, KY in 2004 that would have about 7 pickles in a bag in his basket? Yeah - my husband pleasing his pregnant wife. Or the car on a road trip that keeps stopping at gas stations? Yeah - my husband pulling over and letting me see if they carry my coveted pickle in a jar. I understand that this is all a bit strange but I love my pickles.

Here is the Photo Play Open Call:

We're looking for fun, fresh, put-a-smile-on-your-face ideas for having more fun with your photos. Any and all layout, mini-album, or decor ideas are welcome. Do you like to paint the edges of your photos? Do you layer other accents or words on top of pictures? Do you know any simple digital tricks? Do you create fun photo collages? Do you have examples of super-sized (or super-tiny) photo treatments? Do you know of any cool online photo services? We want to see them.

The following are what I am submitting so far for this call.

What is the Story: I decided to make some art for the craft room. I painted on an old canvas and used the Heidi Swapp mask alphabet again! Then, I took two photos put them through a vintage action and mounted on smaller canvas that I painted black. I actually really like this.

And, I've decided to submit this project which was posted previously but I've realized the picture wasn't very good. So here it is again.

I've also submitted my first digital layout and a birthday invitation I designed for Garrett's 3rd birthday. I'll upload the birthday invitation once I change the personal information. Lastly, I have plans to submit the coaster mini book as well.



Lacey said...

I have always wanted to use the HW masks- and never did- well you have inspired me to now! :) How cool!
GOOD LUCK on the submitting! I have wondered if I should do it too, but i don't feel that I am ready just yet. I LOVE LOVE your fun framed project (i think i already you that-but there it is again! lol)
ps- what a cool story about your obsessions! :)

lacey said...

oops- i meant HS (heidi swapp, not HW) geez. lol

Happy Girl said...

I'm glad to see you are creating -- you've been missed in the H.M.FUN gallery. :)

Good luck on your submissions. They are very classy.


Conchi said...

I love it your works!!! I have now the HW masks, and only I use one time.
Thanks for the inspiration.
Kisses from Spain