Thursday, July 24, 2008

Blast from the Past

While I was cleaning out the hallway cabinets this weekend I had a flashback to my going away lunch, read roasting, when I left YUM! Brands Inc to move back to Texas. What took me there was this.......

"Top Ten Reasons We Will Miss Monica"

Reason Ten: She is Superwoman! During Q2, she sold her house, bought a new one and found a new job in another she worked on the provision by herself while her team was in Mexico. Can we say Multitask?

Reason Nine: Her fabulous gift giving ideas that remind us that we are old (i.e. Magnifying glasses and blankets and cds of current bands that we still have never heard of).

Reason Eight: She has the neatest supplies. I mean who else can get so excited about clicking highlighters or three in one pencils (pen/pencil/red pencil)?

Reason Seven: Her hobbies remind us of our grandmas, such as stamping, quilting, and scrapbooking.

Reason Six: She has the coolest gadgets. For instance, her high powered radio is every woman's dream - she can hear Oprah!

Reason Five: Her obsessive, compulsive organizational habits. We hear that her mortgage information on her new home in Dallas already has its own tax folder (blue, with two holes).

Reason Four: We will miss pictures of Garrett, from every angle, in every mood, in every place he has ever been.

Reason Three: We will miss the 4p.m ritual of trying to avoid the smell of giant movie pickles and popcorn. Although the lingering residue on the workpapers will be a constant reminder.

Reason Two: We can't decide, is it a grandma's shawl or an Indian poncho? So, she not only has hobbies like our grandma, but she dresses like her too. And what's worse, she gets her interns to do the same.

Reason One: Watching her grow into a talented, well rounded tax professional who is savy enough to take the job from the highest bidder.

Finding this had me laughing so hard. I spent the majority of my career with YUM and had a ton of fun. I still keep in touch with those that made an impact and miss them always.


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The Bethancourts said...

Oh, Monica! This had me laughing. I'm sure you've grown as a person since college but it's nice to see you haven't changed...the organizational compulsiveness, the pickles!, the grandma hobbies & Garrett pics....sounds like they were right on. LOVE IT! :)