Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday Weigh In

Beginning: 170.1
Total Gain/(Loss): (3.3)

Biggest Changes: I walked for about 30 minutes three times this week. I limited my diet soda's to one a day. I slowed down the snacking at home.

Here's what went well: I involved my family in my exercise. My walks were either family walks or Garrett & I walking to our spray ground adventure on Sunday. HUGE thanks to my family for helping out here because I feel like this has jump started me. I started making my Decaf Unsweet Tea at home to have something to fall back on during the weekends so I wouldn't be tempted to have a diet soda. There were times when I wanted a snack and opted for fruit instead of the pantry over the weekend.

Area for improvement: Continue to find time for 30 minutes of activity and really make it daily. I need to start watching dinner time; I think this is where I slowed down this week. I'm going to start keeping a food journal. Not the Weight Watchers kind with points but simply a list of what I eat all day to bring even greater awareness to the choices I make.

Confessional: I throughly enjoyed dinner time this last week. There were nachos, hamburgers, enchiladas & cheese rissoto. I feel like there was more but those were the extremely yummy. I think I can only indulge like that once a week if I'm not exercising on a regular basis.

While I'm a little disappointed that the total loss is just now back to Week One's Loss I am not discouraged. I sincerely am trying to make lifestyle changes that will keep. So, I've decided I'm really not going to measure my success until 11 months from now. If I can focus on the decisions I'm making at every crossroad and keeping my committment to myself the weight loss will follow.

I was proof reading the post and it hit me; keeping my committment to myself is the key.

A friend asked me where is it that I seem to have problems with my weight loss and I haven't responded because I knew the obvious reasons were no exercise and bad eating but felt there was something more.

I think I can now answer her question. I've never thought about this as a promise I've made to myself. I've always focused on the end result of X pounds or Y pant size. But this time, this is about respecting myself enough to honor a promise I've made. This time I'm not doing this for someone or something else I'm doing it for me. So, as long as I honor my committment to making good choices for my body I am succeeding no matter the pounds or sizes lost. That would be a fantastic side effect but its not the focus.

OK - enough self exploration in cyberworld. As threatened here are my Month One pictures. Not expecting to see to much change since I've only lost about 3 pounds but I least I've gained a little breathing room :) Ihave intentionally overexposed the pictures so I can see what is Monica versus shadow!


bmac said...

I am trying this again. Hope it works. Enjoy the posts and wonderful pics. Never think to comment.
I so appreciate the sharing time yesterday. Can't wait for some hugs soon.

purple daisy said...

i'm with you...its all about doing it for yourself. : )