Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday Weigh In


Biggest Changes:
1. Focuesed on drinking water and limited myself to one diet drink a day
2. Packed tons of fruit to take to work and pretty much ate all day
3. Cut Dinner portions down to either 1/2 or 3/4 of what I would normally eat

Here's what went well. I was STARVING last week but gave myself permission to eat when I was hungry but they had to be good for me foods and I had to be drinking water. I've noticed this week I'm not devouring my bag of fruit as quickly as last week. We ordered pizza on Friday night and I had given myself permission to enjoy it (read eat at much as I wanted) but then when I started on #3 of a medium pizza I thought I would be sick if I kept eating. Normally, I can EASILY eat 4 slices of a large pizza. Good to see my stomach is adjusting!

My biggest area for improvement is being active for 30 minutes a day. I did absolutely NO activity this week unless you count scrapbooking. So, that is my focus for next week.

Confessional: I've checked my weight every day to "check" myself. Hopefully I can cut back to every other day. This morning I got three different weights, 166.2, 166.7, 166.5 I decided to take the 166.7 since I'm in this for the long haul. But that goes to show me why I shouldn't weigh every day, inconsistent results!



lacey said...

good job on the loss! and on everything else! its so hard isn't it? i read in ww mag the other night that we should give ourselves at least 6 mo. of changes,in order for it to become a habit..i said 6 mon!?!? lol i have issues with being the type of person that likes instant gratification. Actually i have alot of issues. LOL Need to get a move on myself though...oh btw, i forgot to add in the email to you about More fun- yes i am taking it! like i needed to take another class..but i can't help it! lol :)

Becky said...

congrats! way to go! keep it up!

The Bethancourts said...

Good job Monica!
You are very brave to post it all out there. I commend you're commitment to the weight loss :)