Thursday, July 3, 2008

Have More Fun

Today the classroom for Have More Fun opened at Big Picture Scrapbooking. I cannot explain how exciting this is. In Stacy's opening message she talked about the necessity of letting go of perfection because it cannot coexist with Fun. I cannot agree more.

There have been many a moments at home or on a Scrapbook retreat that I'm so stressed out about making my page that I'm just not having FUN. When she said in her message that the need for perfection "wasn't going to fly in July" I just had to laugh.

So, why am I plugging the class? Well, Stacy mentioned on her blog that she has already decided that she will not be personally teaching this class again. So, this class taught by Stacy will only be happening NOW!! Registration closes on the 9th so there is still time to join us.

Garrett and I started our 4 day weekend yesterday with an hour of discovery in Target. We hadn't taken time to do that in a LONG time. In the dollar spot we played a game of showing each other cool finds.

It was so fun to watch him in discovery mode and the say "OK put that back". When we walked in I explained to him we were only looking but who can resist a Spiderman lunch bag for a dollar, a very cool collander for $1.25 envisioning scrapping supplies in it, and two sets of coasters that will primarily be used for an altered project for $.50 each! So much FUN!

Also, I am still scribbling away in this notebook all kinds of fun things. Even posting some of the scribble.

While I am at facilitating fun spending I recieved an email from Walgreens today that they are running a .15cent print special , coupon code STARS15 and if you buy one mini photo book at $5.99 you get one free, coupon code BRAGPAGES. Both specials run until July 12!

As a result of the increasing cost of living, we decided to cut back on Maria our cleaning lady, I'm off to do some chores. I know it was a luxury to have her come weekly so I'm truly greatful I get to keep her every other week. But after that I'm going to start having FUN!



Lacey said...

aww man! i mut have missed all the colanders-or they sold out! (this was in the dollar spot right?) I was at target yesterday...darn it!

Alane said...

Hi! I'm visiting from Have More Fun!!! I love your blog...and I totally agree...sometimes we filter too much. But I'm often told I'm a little too filter-free! I absolutely love the coasters you found at Target! I have got to get me some of those! See you in the classroom!