Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day!

We tried to celebrate with Fireworks on Thursday night but Garrett just wasn't ready this year. When we asked if he wanted to get ice cream and watch Fireworks, he fimly answered "No, they scare me". We are not parents who push so that was that.

Then Friday morning we asked if he wanted to go to the neighborhood parade but when he realized his friends wouldn't be there we got another "No". Instead, our little guy wanted to go fly a kite.

Later that day Garrett spent the afternoon with Grandma & Grandpa at the Dallas Aquarium. I grabbed the opportunity to scrap with a friend and create a mini album using Stacy Julian's color challenge in the July/August issue of Simple Scrapbooks.

Remember the Target coasters for 50cents? Here they are....

We ended our day with hamburgers & potato salad with Grandma & Grandpa. I swear my husband has a way with the grill. Mmmmmmm

Speaking of, with all of us occupied Mitch actually got to be relaxed and do whatever moved him.



StudioB said...

Your coater book looks great. Love how the pictures run right to the edges. Great job.
Tracy/StudioB from LOM & Have More Fun

Christi said...

Cute idea using the coasters for the album. It looks great!!

Anonymous said...


You are so gifted. I loved the update.