Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Crafting Goodness Take Two

As promised here is the birthday invitation I've submitted to Photo Play.

And after I saw the Obsession Layout online I felt the top was a little to busy. So I upsized the font, simplified the journaling and decided to only show the tag line. I'm much happier with it this way. I know I'm splitting hairs :) It occured to me last night that I should double submit this one to Photo Play for using the enlarged picture in place of patterned paper.

Now the tag line reads : always loving popcorn (heart) same time every day i crave my favorite snack (heart) constant through the years

I've got a ton on my To Do list everywhere right now so the creating has slowed down which means that list is growing too! I'm going to try to get busy after work today and maybe have a late night.
I almost forgot, tonight ABC Primetime will have a special on Randy Pausch at 9PM Central. Thanks so much to Katie from BPS for letting me know. I haven't been watching much TV this summer so I would have missed it. So glad I won't!

Sorry there is not much new today but I spent last night watching Willy Wonka circa 1971 with Garrett last night. He was not feeling well so we just had some snuggle time on the couch. It was so cool to share a movie I remember watching as a child with him. This scene, by far, was my favorite as a child and I just loved seeing the wonder in Garrett's eyes when he watched it.



Lisa said...

Hi there monica - I got your blog address from our Have More Fun class over at BPS and thought I would check you out as you were so kind as to leave some lovely comments on my layouts on the gallery but I have not been able to find any of yours to return the favour!
But I just wanted to say that I love the stuff you have produced for the SS call - love the enlarged photo of your pickles and popcorn and the other of you in your new scrap space - really well designed. You deserve to be selected!
I will definitely be checking in again - and thanks once more for your kind comments - it gave me a real boost.
Lisa (lisainre)

Missy said...

Still love the invitation. You'll have to help me with Ben's this year!! Hope that you get good news on the Gman.