Thursday, June 19, 2008

My New Space

I kept waiting to post pictures of my new scrap space until it was "done" but who am I kidding it is done enough! So, in the spirit of intentional imperfection here is my new space. Over time I will add more crafty touches but I love it the way it is and it works great!

So far, I am most pleased with my desk which I only spent $60 on at IKEA :) Most of the stuff I used for organization we already had around the house. So, the shelves are a a bit of a mix of items but I actually feel very comfortable in the not everything matches chaos. I also decided to surround myself with my piano music, old books and some favorite pictures. Someday, I will incorporate my fabric and sewing items but that is certainly Phase II. All in all, the room just makes me happy.

However, without my husband giving up his space unselfishly this would have never come to fruition. So thanks again sweetheart. I just LOVE my new space.

Sorry the slide show is so long; I was in a Willie mood. The song has nothing to do with the space except that it is something you would probably hear if you popped in.


The Bethancourts said...

That is ONE serious scrap room!

Christi said...

Nice!!! :-)

bcre8uv said...

What a great space!

VPS said...

Love the room - & being from TX I know you can never, ever go wrong w/Willie!zsvay