Sunday, July 27, 2008

Engaged Parenting

Have you seen the commercials with the super soaker or cheerleader? Well, they caught my eye enough for me to go out to learn more at and find the link to the video to post.

The website explains that the following:

The NRFC is pleased to announce the launch of our national media campaign to encourage fathers to "Take time to be a dad today". The media campaign is intended to raise responsible fatherhood awareness and encourage fathers to become actively involved in their child's life. The campaign offers significant potential to: promote responsible, caring, and effective parenting; encourage and support healthy marriages and married fatherhood; and reduce the adverse effects of father absence.

How cool is this! The commercials are very clever and my favorite is the cheerleading one. I see these as great examples of engaged parenting for not only Dad but Mom.

Today I am grateful for a husband who is an extremely engaged father. Not sure if I've mentioned it before but the blog header came from the three of us sharing an afternoon in the front yard after a day of work and school. The shot wasn't posed; my guys were just laying there in the grass looking up at the sky and my son happened to notice me there too.


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Lee said...

Thanks for the link! I don't receive many commercials from the US (here in Canada) and agree that the message is a good one and hope the campaign does have a positive impact.

(I can see why you chose such a spontaneous shot for your banner. Those are moments to cherish.)