Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Really Like Him

This weekend my assistant and I were taking pictures of my Project Life layouts. When I looked down I saw this and of course snapped away.

There he was intently watching me with an awareness, a knowing, that is new for him. His little head balding thanks to my diligent combing, an attempt to battle the craddle cap. The bare feet that have yet to wear shoes. His hands grasping his burb cloth which ironically is not really used for spit up but has instead become a lovey of sorts. The little lips pursed in concentration. Legs that are so close to spilling out of the chair and those eyes. Those steel blue grey eyes watching my every movement.

IMG_7037 PSE

In an instant a flash of "Oh, you see me!" washes over his face and the pursed lips show a hint of a smirk but really its the eyes that twinkle with a hint of playfulness.

IMG_7035 PSE

And then his whole face says, "Hi Mama. You know you want to come play with me...."

IMG_7031 PSE

When people ask me about Travis and how's he doing it goes something like this.

He's a sweet baby.
I really really like him.
My heart bursts with joy and my face radiates all the happiness inside.  

Yeah, I really like him. Today he is four months old. How did that happen??


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Vera said...

So adorable, and looks straight at the camera too! :)