Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Project Life: Week 28 & the Plastics Winner

Project Life Weekly Share

Hello, I'm stealing a few minutes to say that Jamie Shaner whose son Dallas makes her happy is the winner of the plastics. Jamie we'll be getting in touch with you shortly.

Thanks to everyone who took time to leave a comment. What makes you happy put a smile on my face all weekend.

Today I'm sharing Week 28 where in an attempt to go faster with getting closer to current as my objective I challenged myself to use only my core kits, white Martha Stewart Labels and my favorite pen for the main layout. Honestly, I thought it would be boring compared to my other weeks but I ended up really, really loving this week.


After the main pages were complete I added in a Design E page protector to make a few mini layouts for my favorite Instagrams from the week.


A few things I learned from this week:
1.  I really like the break of a simple week in my album.

2. I think more of these weeks is the only way I'm going to be able to keep this up now that I'm back to work.

3. My favorite thing is to mix the core kits. The colors and designs work really well together and by mixing the kits it gives just enough variety for me to feel as though my week has movement. Ok that sounds crazy but if you get that then we really need to be friends. ;)

4. I love love the simplicity of a white label.

5. My true style in Project Life is photos + words. That makes me happy.


I was so excited to finally cut into this paper from Studio Calico. One of my favorites and the picture was just perfect for it.


The smaller scale of the pockets has me reaching for my scraps more. Love that I'm using what I have.


On my last weekly share, Val asked how I find time to scrapbook with a newborn. I laughed a little bit because I had just had a pity party over the weekend that I don't have enough time to scrapbook.

I am happy to share with you guys what works for me in practical application (if there is interest) but I wanted to quickly share this little bit.

Memory keeping, telling my story, scrapbooking, photography is what makes me come alive. I may not have oodles of free time (honestly, who does?) but with what time I do have I make a very intentional choice to spend it on scrapbooking.

In my core I believe that if you are passionate about something there is always a way.

I am not willing to give up memory keeping because of the season of life I'm in. Telling our story makes me happy, makes me a better mother, makes me a better wife, makes me who I am. The way I tell our story will evolve throughout the seasons of our life but there will always be photos + words.

So Val I guess my long story short answer is that even though I likely only have an hour or two a week at best (when you add up a bunch of 15 minute increments) to spend on Project Life I make it a priority because it is the piece of my life that is just for me.

Thanks for reading friends,


Val said...

Thanks for your answer! I take so many pictures and I have this perfect project life solution right in front of me but for some reason it is so hard to actually sit down and get it done. I like your 15 minutes here and there strategy. I probably need to take more advantage of that. Huge congrats to you though on all you are able to accomplish particulary with a little little one.

Cherish Everyday said...

I totally get what you saying! And second it!!! Love the simplicity....

and your right when you are passionate about something you make a way.... most days I wait until everyone has gone to bed before I can work on anything.... but like you, telling my family story makes me happy and for the same reasons I will continue to stay up late or grab those 15 minutes here or there to work on PL.... it has become an integral part of my life.