Thursday, July 19, 2012

Project Life: Week 22

Project Life Weekly Share 

This week was out of control, six inserts. We had the last day of school, the first week of summer, Memorial Day and Owen's 2nd Birthday. Since this is an extremely picture heavy post I'll keep the words to a minimum.

MMcNeill 1a MMcNeill 1b MMcNeill 1c

Loved using the Cobalt Journaling cards in a group for ease and high impact. Another favorite is how versatile the Design F page protector is. Here I trimmed off the right two columns.

MMcNeill 1d MMcNeill 1e

I ordered a "This Is My Today" stamp from Tina Aszmus and love it.

MMcNeill 1f MMcNeill 1g MMcNeill 1h

Here is the Design D page protector with the right side trimmed off.

MMcNeill 1i MMcNeill 1j MMcNeill 1k

The Design G page protector continues to be a favorite.

MMcNeill 1l MMcNeill 1m MMcNeill 1n

I trimmed down a 12x12 page protector and sealed it with Washi tape to hold a 2 year update on Owen. I had fun playing with my Cameo and my sewing machine.

MMcNeill 1o MMcNeill 1p MMcNeill 1q

After I wrapped up this week I promised myself going forward to do a better job of editing myself and do my best to stick to a two page layout. We are gearing up to get back to real life around here (me working) and I need to find a way to really cut down the amount of time I spend on a week or I'm afraid it will be extremely difficult for me to keep on top of this project.

One of my two sleeping children is now awake so it's time for me to sign off. I photographed Weeks 26 & 27 today so I'll be back next week with more layouts.

Thanks for stopping by & have a wonderful weekend!


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