Friday, July 13, 2012

Obsessed Much?

Last Tuesday night I had an urge to sew. I think I had been doing too much reading and pinning about other people crafting and I was at the point where I had an urge to create something now. Anyone else relate or is it just me?


So, I dipped into my stash of fabric, pulled out my It's a Hoot Layer Cake and started sewing squares together. Totally random and without any kind of a plan.


By the end of the night I had this quilt top pieced. After I shared this on Instagram the bunch of pink and red in the upper right started to bother me. But it was already late and I told myself to sleep on it.


It still bothered me in the morning so I spent some time with my seam ripper and moved a few blocks around. Much better :) Truth be told there were still a few more blocks bothering me but a sweet friend encouraged me to move on and let it be.


Before we headed out for some swimming and fireworks (it was the 4th of July) I pieced together the back.

Up to this point everything had gone pretty well. I should have known I would spend Thursday fighting with the quilt. At this point I was obsessed with finishing the quilt and ignored my usual ground rule of not trying to accomplish anything crafty when the kids are awake/around.

I'll think twice next time. Since I was distracted, as a Mama should be, I didn't think my quilt sandwich all the way through. I was trying a new (to me) technique where instead of binding the quilt you sew the edges and then turn right side out similar to a pillow. Let me tell you if you ever try this make sure you lay batting, backing, then top NOT backing, batting and top. When I went to turn it right side out my batting was on the outside and I had the opportunity to spend more time with my seam ripper.

That night I tried another new (to me) technique and tied my quilt instead of quilting it. That was super easy and very fast.


Friday morning I ran the quilt through the wash and had it out in the sunroom by lunch. At first I thought this was too girly for this boy house but the smile on my face everytime I walked past proved me wrong.

IMG_5367 IMG_5370

So last Tuesday night through Thursday night I was a woman obsessed. And this is why I stay away from any potential vices, I have a smidge of an addictive personality :) But why can't I get obsessed like that with cleaning my house???

I have a few more layer cakes in my stash so I wouldn't be surprised if this happens again. The post and subsequent pin that had me itching to take on this project can be found here.

Thanks for stopping by & have a great weekend! I'll be back next week with Week 22 of Project Life which has six inserts. Yes, I know that is a problem which is why when I finished Week 26 last night I had zero inserts.



libbywilko said...

Great quilt , my Mum would love it too she makes beautiful quilts for all the new babies in our family and friends lives.

Total agree with ripping out bits that annoy you Before you do anymore. Love the patterned backing material. Look forward to your next PL post sounds fun ;)

Nirupama said...

This is gorgeous. I don't know anything about quilting or batting, but glad you got a little bit of girlish whimsy in your'boy' house. You live there too!

My name is Amee said...

I think your quilt rocks!!! I dearly love it.
This is on my bucket list: to make a quilt! Of course I do not have a clue how to sew!
Keep the quilts coming. :)

tara said...

love all your quilts - I want to start but just don't know where to begin!

Aurélia said...

I love this style! thank you for sharing