Monday, July 30, 2012

Looking Back & Forward | a series of pictures & words

Tonight we were able to visit with old friends from Kentucky, their four year old son and five week old daughter. Visiting with old friends & meeting new family members are two (of many) things I love.

{Travis making friends with the turtles in a onesie that I bought for him, something rare in the house of hand me downs.}

It was such a good visit. Everytime we have an older boy in this house I get a peek at what life will be when Travis is Owen's age and Owen is well, older. I'm very comfortable in the chaos of rowdy boys. When I imagined my family I imagined a loud house all a flurry with activity. How fitting the Lord gave me three boys. I think I'll have exactly what I wished for.

{Garrett & Mitch on our 10th anniversary after watching Garrett hit his first home run ever. The perfect way to spend this day & best present ever.}

As we peeked at their baby girl in all her sweet feminine glory we laughed that pink will never grace this house. I giggle when people urge me that I need a fourth so I can get "my girl".

IMG_4565 PSE
{Travis on his quilt made by me.}

With Garrett I really didn't care either way. I had no expectations set and was excited when Mitch was excited that it was a boy. With Owen I was scared to death of a girl and was relived when we found out he was a boy. With Travis my heart was open to a girl but when the doctor told us it was a boy I felt my heart do a jump for joy. I giggle when people urge me that I need a girl because I've never felt that I needed a girl.

{Goofing off with Garrett & Travis, one of many extended arm shots.}

What struck me last night was what a big difference there is between 5 weeks and 15 weeks in a baby's life. Crazy that we were there only 10 weeks ago. Time goes so fast.

{Garrett's essence captured, this is how I want to remember him this summer. One of my favorite pictures ever. Love this child so much.}

In 10 more weeks we'll be gearing up for his first Halloween and he'll be approaching his six month birthday. That really is hard to digest.

{Travis & I at one of many of Garrett's baseball games.}

Travis is my last baby. When I think of all the "lasts" we have encountered in 10 weeks it is bittersweet. I am so fortunate to have had this time at home with him.

{Owen "surfing" with Mitch. He was so proud of himself.}

This week marks yet another last. Our last week at home full time. Bittersweet.

{A sweet friend captured me unguarded. One of my favorite pictures of the summer.}

Our visit with friends tonight was well timed and served as a reminder to hold this little baby a little bit tighter and a little bit longer because he is growing so fast. They are all

{Photobooth at the Dallas Zoo a long standing tradition with my boys and totally worth the $5.}

Thanks for reading friends.


This post is a series of posts that highlights my reflections on maternity leave and my thoughts leading up to going back to work. You can read all of the posts in the series here.

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