Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Project Life: Week 27

Project Life Weekly Share

This was a week where I challenged myself to not have an insert despite the 4th of July holiday. I'm getting better at editing myself and am looking for ways to avoid the insert. Maybe this will change if I get to a point where I only have the current week in front of me. But for now this is a welcome shift.

MMcNeill WK27 1a 

MMcNeill WK27 1b 

MMcNeill WK27 1c 

MMcNeill WK27 1d 

I almost left out the photo strip until I remembered seeing Mary Ann add it to the divider. Perfect :)

MMcNeill WK27 1e

I had hoped to sit down with Project Life more over the weekend but it wasn't in the cards. I'm working towards being current before I go back to work next Monday but if I don't spend some good time with it this week it will likely not happen.

Here is a quick recap of where I'm at:

Complete: Weeks 1-15, 18-24, 26-28
In Process: Weeks 25 & 29
Pictures to Print: Weeks 16, 17, 30

As soon as I finish up Weeks 25 & 29 I'm going to go back to Weeks 16 & 17. Week 16 was Travis birth and I've decided to follow the same format that I'm using for his monthly updates. Week 17 was Week in the Life and I've decided to let that stand on its own so the process is much simpler. I'm excited to finish those out so I can close Volume 1 and put it out in the living room.

Thanks for stopping by & let me know if you have any questions. Have a great day!


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