Monday, June 4, 2012

Have You Heard?

Project Life Behind the Scenes 070

A few weeks ago one of my "wouldn't that be cool" day dreams came true and I was a guest on the Paperclipping Roundtable episode PRT115 - Project Life: Six Months Later. I had such fun recording despite my bundle of nerves. The morning before I sat and diligently made notes on the discussion points that Noell had sent. I have listened to each and every episode and wanted to make sure I was prepared to add to the conversation. Strange enough it felt like I was preparing for a client call at work!! Except with the Roundtable I was actually able to go back and hear myself. A very strange experience. Your voice never sounds like what it sounds like in your head.

I was reminded while listening to the discussion and in my preparation that it is so important to find what works for you in each season of life to keep your first priorities, well first. For me that is telling my story. Project Life does not work for everyone , at all or in the same ways, but the important thing is to find what does work for you.

If you've listened to the episode I would love to hear your thoughts. There have been some really awesome comments posted on the episode with examples of how Project Life is working for others over at Paperclippling (link above) and encourage you to read through them.

Something else came from taping this episode is that I realized I love to share what I'm doing because I love the positive energy that comes from this online memory keeping community. With that I decided to photograph all my complete weeks and am working to get those pictures turned into blog posts. If I can pull it off I should have a post up Monday through Friday the next two weeks.

And since I'm going to try to schedule these posts as much as possible there won't be a snapshot of where I am in my album on each post. In case you are curious here is a quick recap of where I'm at with my album as of today:

Blogged: Weeks 1-5, 7-9
Complete: Weeks 6, 10-15
To Journal: Week 19
To Fill: Weeks 16, 20
To Print Pictures: Weeks 17, 21, 22

I have a few more weeks in progress than I usually like to have so I'm going to work on getting some easy weeks finished. There are a few tricky weeks for me that are going to take more time: 1)Week in the Life, 2)Travis' birth & 3)Travis' 1st Month Birthday. I have a plan for Week in the Life but it will take some purposeful selection of pictures and I simply need to make time for that. I have a method/design in progress for Travis' 1st Month Birthday that I'm going to use as a template for his birth and all his other month birthdays.

Around here we are into our first full week of summer and life is very exhausting but very good. Hope your start to the week has been a good one!


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