Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Wild Week & a Sneak of Week 6

Hello! So it has been a wild week in my part of the world. First our weekend started with my grand goal of turning the nursery into well a nursery and not a storage area.

Travis Nursery

But, it still looks like a storage area because late Saturday night Owen woke up with a high fever.

Owen Sick

Sunday through Tuesday were spent much like this nursing my little guy back to health.

Snuggling Owen

The high fever of 103/104 freaked me out and on Monday he was diagnosed with Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease. Which sounds so scary but boiled down is similar to a cold just a different strain of virus. We were lucky that he did not break out in a rash on his hands or feet but we definitely had the spiked fever and ulcers in the mouth.

So glad he's on the mend and back to school today. Super grateful that this hit before Travis was born and not while we had a newborn in the house as my sleep was limited with just Owen being sick.

And then yesterday the DFW area was hit by several tornadoes, many causing damage to different pockets of the metroplex.


This was the closest they have come to our home & Garrett's school was in lockdown yesterday afternoon following their duck & cover procedures. Fortunately the touchdowns we had stayed a few miles away and that was not a damage producing tornado. But right now my heart is both aching for the families that were affected and at the same time so very thankful there have not been any casualties and all my friends in the areas hit were spared any damage.

I can't help but feel like with such a crazy week so far this baby is coming this weekend. I have nothing to support this & now that I've typed it I've ensured that I'll go a week past my due date! But when my water broke with Owen we had a water main break on our street, Garrett had just finished his last day of school and when we got into my car to go to the hospital we realized that the headlights were out. If that is any indication the crazy is just enough this week for Travis to come :)

I am so excited to say that last night I finished my Day in the Life insert for Week 6. Since the inserts were intimidating me, I started there and now only have my main pages which I'm hoping will go fast. I felt so accomplished to get it done and I love it!

Wk 6 Day in the Life

I mentioned earlier in the year that I did not intend on photographing all my weeks to share but as I'm trying to work ahead on my creative team deadlines for Becky it turns out I am photographing everything! I'm hoping to schedule posts for at least the next 3-4 weeks so that I don't completely disappear once Travis joins our family. Hopefully there will be at least a post a week on Project Life in the coming month.

If you are looking for more of my Project Life in the meantime, I've updated my categories to separate Project Life 2011 and Project Life 2012. You can find both these categories in the sidebar.

With that its time for my doctor's appointment! Hope you are having a great week.


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