Friday, March 23, 2012

Project Life 2012: Week 7

Project Life Weekly Share

Hello!! I'm taking a very quick lunch break today to share Week 7 of Project Life.



In order to create a page protector to fit Owen's art I cut down a 12x12 page protector to approximately an inch or two more than I needed and then used this very old washi tape to seal the edge. This is a super quick alternative to sewing page protectors to unique sizes.


You have seen this before, here is where I shared the details about the horizontal journaling cards.





Much of what I pull into my album that is not a product of Becky Higgins is from my stash & I encourage you to do the same. Use what you have!!However, I do have a supply list so if there is something in particular you have a question about I'm happy to answer.

I used the following Becky Higgins Project Life products:
Design A Page Protectors
Design G Page Protectors (available now) *these are a go to for me
12x12 Page Protectors (available now)
Clementine Core Kit
Cobalt Core Kit (available now)
3x4 Journaling Cards

Many of you mentioned that you liked seeing where I was at in the process. I am happy to continue sharing in hopes that it reinforces my message that I am not focused on "caught up". I read that phrase at the beginning of many of the project life posts I read and it gets me down that it appears that we beat ourselves up on not being current.

I cannot stress enough that this is a year long project and while yes, there is value in engaging frequently and always touching the project there is no shame in not being current up to the week that just ended!! I could be wrong, but I believe that there are many of you reading that are not photographing your prior week layout and blogging your layout every week. I believe there are many that are simply doing this for themselves and their families. So especially to you I say this is a year long project. There is no pressure to be current.

OK, off my soapbox. Sorry for that.

I am so very proud of myself because on Sunday I stopped avoiding Week 6 (the week with Day in the Life) and now have everything in its place. All I need to add is my journaling which is the fastest part for me in my process. Woooohooo!!

Here is a snapshot of where I am in my album:

Complete & Shared: Weeks 1,2,3,7

Complete & Not Shared: Weeks 4,5,8

Journaling Needed/In Progress: Weeks 6, 9

Pictures Printed: Week 10

Need to Print Pictures: Week 11

If you have any questions please let me know. Time for me to go back to work :)



Krys72599 said...

Can I hop up on that soapbox for a minute?
I did Project Life last year and almost stayed current. The last couple of months had some patterned paper cut up and used to fill empty slots.
This year? NOT.SO.MUCH.
I think I did Valentine's week and haven't touched it since. I don't think this year's PL is going to have a two-page spread per week. I don't even think I'll have a spread per week. Who knows if I'll finish it?
But I AM still taking photos, saving "stuff," and PLANNING to catch up when I have time.
Sometimes life gets away from you and you have to play catch up. Maybe I'll have 35 weeks done for 2012.
What people have to remember is THAT'S 35 WEEKS MORE THAN IF YOU DIDN'T DO IT AT ALL.
I LOVE Project Life and when I have more time, I'll be more caught up, and if I'm not, I'll enjoy looking back at the parts of the year I do manage to record!

MaryAnn Perry said...

i love it! And I love your snapshot of where your at in your album! I may have to copy this and start using it on my pages too!!! Great way to stay organized plus focused on the heart of the process/real meaning of Project life!!!!

Vera said...

Thank you thank you thank you, for all the words and inspiration. Project Life rocks my socks :)