Thursday, February 23, 2012

Project Life 2012: Horizontal Journaling Cards & a Valentine Share

Project Life Behind the Scenes

Hello! Did you hear that there are horizontal journaling cards available at Jessica Sprague? Right now they are in digital format but that did not stop me from using them in my album.

This weekend I was working on week 7 and had an extra 4x6 slot in my Design G which is where I was telling our Valentine's Day story. I really love this page protector. It's the perfect mix of horizontal & vertical 4x6 slots with just a few 3x4 slots thrown in. I also love that it is not a 12x12 so it doesn't hide my main pages.


Here is a close up of the 3x4 horizontal journaling cards inside my page protector. I used both Cobalt & Clementine I really am enjoying mixing these two Editions. I had two separate stories to tell so I knew I wanted to different cards. One was longer than the other so I was able to include a photo with my second story.


Here we are out of the page protector. I actually printed both journaling cards on one 4x6 slot because I didn't want to worry about the cards slipping around or having to find a creative way to keep them together. Nice and simple, exactly what I need!

The absolute best thing about these horizontal cards being digital is they never run out of stock!! It was amazing to watch the Project Life inventory sell out so fast at Amazon this weekend. It makes my heart so very happy to know there are so many of you out there telling your life story.

Why does this excite me? Well, this article, Your Life is Newsworthy, posted at Shutter Sisters this week by Erika Ray articulates it much better than I can right now. My favorite quote from her post is this:

"But it’s my love of an honest story and my desire to remember every detail. And those are the types of photographers and photographs I’m attracted to. I don’t have a disgust towards coffee mug shots, landscapes or posed newborn shoots, but those images don’t make my heart beat faster. I want a photo that tells the story of someone’s life. I want raw emotion. And in my family, I’m the storyteller. Why should I let anyone else tell my story?"


This year I didn't include a ton of Valentine stuff. But I know that many of you are likely working on Week 7 or will be soon so I wanted to share what I did last year which included a bit more.








You can see the full set over here, at Flickr and read about the details of this week over here, in my archives.

With that my friends I'm signing off as I have yet again another busy day ahead. Hope all is well in your world.



Heather said...

Hey Monica -
Love your pages. I have a similar style of handwriting and am not real pleased with my current pens -- what type of pen do you use for your journaling?

Thanks -

emily kate said...

Great pages this week, as always! :)

Anika said...

Love your pages.. How did you make thoes cute little valentines or where did you buy them .... love the jars idea for next year! Or for sons bday party!