Saturday, March 19, 2011

Project Life, Week Seven

I had hoped to get caught up with Project Life this week since I was home with Garrett for part of Spring Break week. Unfortunately, work needed more of my time & the rest was spent hanging out with Garrett. I did get at least another week done!

Week Seven felt like a lot of pictures & a lot of words. Some of my favorite pictures are included in this week & I focused on telling their stories.


IMG_6531 PSE

I am truly loving the long journalers; the perfect place to add a longer story. This week I included Garrett's acceptance letter to his school district's enrichment program. In order to maintain privacy I kept the letter in the envelope & slid it in the page protector with my thoughts on this accomplishment.

I loved this because I don't feel like the story or the details are on display but they are definitely included in this record of our life.

IMG_6537 PSE

In order to include some of Garrett's Valentines from school I cut off the top part of Becky Higgins Design B Page Protector and sewed the openings shut.




So far this is what my Project Life Album looks like. At this rate, I will definitely need to fill two albums!


I will be challenging myself the next few weeks to simplify & be selective with what I include. I am four weeks behind, including this week, and I need to get to a place where I can keep up easily. So, that means doing less in the short term in order to sustain until the end.

If you would like to see more pictures or any other weeks, you can click on the Project Life link under the banner. Thanks for stopping by!



Jeannette said...

looks great!! What a great memory for you & Your family. Out of you print your photos @ home or are you having them printed somewhere??? these seems to always be the hurdle for me getting a hybrid page I do some digitally, but then i have to wait for it to arrive to add the daily life tidbits...anyways, I was just curious....

Jen said...

Your album looks amazing! I love how you are finding the time to include the long journalers and so many details of your story.