Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fabulous Finds

Last Friday I scored some fabulous finds at the Dallas Quilt Show. I was off since Garrett had a school holiday but knowing that a quilt show is not the first thing a six year old boy wants to do on his day off I held my breath as I asked Garrett if he would like to go and then have a playdate in the afternoon. I was really surprised at how agreeable he was!

So, first thing Friday morning we met a group of friends from the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild at Mama's Daughters Diner for breakfast before the show. It was delish & it was so good to see these ladies. With the craziness that is my life it had been awhile since I'd really seen them.

Once we got to the show Garrett started tracking the time. Our game for the day, turned math lesson, went something like this:

G: How much longer?
M: What time is it?
G: 11 o clock
M: What time are we leaving?
G: 2 o clock
M: So, how much longer?
G: 3 hours

in 10 minute increments :)


When we weren't telling time, we were navigating the maze of lots of older women. At one point, balancing on the balls of my feet, I told Garrett that he couldn't be practicing his Karate moves because there were older ladies around him that would get hurt if he accidentally hit them. As I stood up he asked, rather loudly, "Why are there so many old ladies here?" Which led to yet another on the balls of my feet discussion about how we don't talk about how old ladies are in public.

One of Garrett's gifts is that he can have a good time in any situation. When my friend asked him later that afternoon if he had a good time he told her it was great. I would like to think it had a little something to do with the one on one time he had with me but I'm guessing it had alot to do with the Aggie fleece panel he walked away with which will soon be a cuddly blanket.

I walked away with some fun fabric purchases & these two fabulous finds! What drew me into the booth were some beautiful handpieced, handquilted quilts hanging on her wall. When I spied her basket of old quilts tops I started digging. This was my first find. I really did gasp when I saw it. By that time a little crowd had entered her booth & another lady asked if I was going to take it, ummmm you bet I am !!


This will eventually be the quilt for our bed. When I brought it home Mitch loved it. I love that they are vintage fabrics including some old feed sacks. I've looked on Flickr & am pretty sure this is a lonestar quilt but really it is nothing like what I've seen. I adore it's scrappiness & clean white space. The white is actually an old bedsheet. I'm still contemplating how I going to finish it as it is covers our bed but isn't large enough to hang over the edge.

Then, I went digging in the bin she had under the table & found this little guy. I think it's perfect for the playroom.


We ended the day with a playdate for Garrett & then a doctor's appointment for Owen (ear infection) and collapsed at night! This weekend I get even more quilting goodness at my guild's Saturday Sew. This is the first time I go alone since Owen's been born & I am giddy!



Jenny Garland said...

Cracking up at G's "Why are there so many old ladies here?"comment! Oh, kids :) He's right though, where are the young ladies?!

LOVE your quilt tops!!

angie said...

Beautiful quilt tops...you scored big...Garrett was your good luck charm!

Bumme said...

oh my -- those quilt tops are gorgeous! The Lone Star one has "inspired" me ... I wanted to make something that would be scrappy and could be hung (probably framed) on our living room wall (2 stories high so I have some space to fill). A smaller version of course! Love the brick pattern too. Oh, and Garrett reminds me of my boys when they were little. They loved to shop but when I would say we were just going to stop in the fabric store they'd cry out in unison "Oh no. Not the fabric store!" LOL. Good mama making it a fun day for him too :)