Sunday, March 13, 2011


IMG_5890 PSE

listening: Train, Marry Me "forever can never be long enough for me to feel like I've had long enough with you"; this summer we will be married nine years & he still makes my heart flutter, I feel our love growing deeper

eating: slices of watermelon from the fridge; always brings back memories of eating watermelon under the carport with my grandpa in the hot summer sun

drinking: lots of water; poured some in a carafe that I'm keeping on kitchen table which makes something simple beautiful

wearing: navy shorts & a cape cod tshirt; it was 72 when we went to Central Market this afternoon

feeling: still; so much moving around me & I'm just taking it all in

weather: warm, breezy & overcast; reminds me of the coast

wanting: more time at home with my boys; when I am able to focus on just them I am the mother I want to be

needing: a good nights sleep; Owen has had an ear infection, cold & nasty cough the last week which meant little to no sleep for this mama

thinking: about writing; a story, my story, is bubbling up inside of me & my being is urging me to tell it

enjoying: project life; it feels so good to be capturing our life with both words & images

wondering: how my guys are doing sleeping under the stars tonight; this is the first time Garrett has left home overnight without me

this post was inspired by: this new mama

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