Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Project Life - Week Six

Another week done and another on my desk. So very happy about this. Before I jump into the week I have two things.

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who has stopped by to look at my Project Life and double thanks to those of you who have left a comment or sent a tweet letting me know you've enjoyed it. That means alot to me as I jump back into scrapbooking just for me.

Second, the pictures are dark & a little noisy! Sorry for that. I forgot my camera was still set at ISO 3200 from some night pictures I took over the weekend and the sun wasn't at its full glory when I took these pictures before work. I am embracing the imperfection & just happy I'm here to share.

So with that, what I loved about this week is that I added more journaling. Instead of sharing snippets I felt like I told a few good stories. That makes me happy. Also this week felt very back to basics. It felt good to include a little less but tell more. In fact, I'm challenging myself to do more of that in Week Seven.



I was beyond excited that I scrapbooked in Week Six that it got added to Project Life even though the layout is included in the album. This project has really stirred my creative juices. In fact, I'm planning layouts all the time. I need to get better at jotting down these bursts of inspiration.



So a bit of current perspective. The last day of February came and went and I forgot to have us sit for our family picture of the month (inspired by Tara Whitney). I was crushed. Then, I came across this picture. When I took it I loved it. It is a terrible picture when you evaluate it technically but it so perfectly captures where we were in the month of February. Sometimes its not about the pretty picture but about the life that is being lived.


Slipped in a sliver of patterned paper to capture my feelings on Garrett's 100th day of Kindergarten. I didn't want to put on the pages I inserted because I didn't want my thoughts to be the focus.

IMG_5334 edit

IMG_5337 edit

I had so much fun adding little bits to the class list that we used for Garrett's Valentines. To me this is scrapbooking in its simplest form and it felt good to bring it all together. Even though I didn't add any words I feel like the story has been told.

IMG_5353 edit


I had this picture with a lot of dead space (love that it was taken by Garrett) and felt the need to tell more of the story of our snow day & the 100th day of school. This picture (and the one above) isn't related to the moment but they capture bits of his school life that follow him home & relate to the story I wanted to share. I hope he always has this love of school.


Really loving splitting pictures in two in order to fit the space.

Last week Christina asked how I go back and format/print my tweets. I go to my Twitter page and copy/paste all of my tweets from the week into a word document. Then I go to my Facebook page & pull anything from there that wasn't on Twitter. This is not usually alot since I mainly tweet and just have it sent to Facebook. Once in Word, I change the font to Traveling Typewriter and change the font size.

In order to resize to fit the journaling pockets I format my word document into columns. I use two or three columns depending on if I plan on using horizontal or vertical pockets. Once I've printed on an 8.5x11 piece of cardstock I cut and add to my album.

If I use a long journaler like I did last week then I do not use columns and just copy/paste from my Word document into Photoshop Elements. Hope this helps!

Thanks again for stopping by & if you would like to see more pictures just click on Project Life under the blog banner.



Lee Currie said...

Love, love, love. What a great project! Such a great way to keep up with your life. The split photos are brilliant :)

Char said...

I love seeing each of your weeks. You make me wish I did this project! Such an awesome way to document the important parts in life. xo

Melissa said...

Monica, I really like the way your Project Life is coming together and so glad you are enjoying it. I love the February family photo - so much movement and fun in it! I'm looking forward to getting a Dallas area LOM meetup planned soon so we can meet in person.

Beth Crocker said...

What a great project idea! Your pages are great, too!

Arlene said...

I absolutely love the way your PL is turning out...very inspiring.