Thursday, March 3, 2011

Project Life, Week Five

Excited to finally share Week Five of Project Life. Simply put February was exhausting. I am excited to welcome March mainly because I think I may have my feet under me right now.

Once again, I put in a whole lot of extras. My husband so cleverly pointed out that maybe if I just kept it to the two spread layout they would go faster for me. What a wise observation dear husband :)

The good news is that even among the craziness that was February I captured our life through pictures and squirreled away lots of bits of life. Each week has a ziploc that is waiting to be emptied into page protectors.


This week was all about me being away on business & the great snow storm that hit Dallas.


Instead of telling each picture's story I wanted to tell the week's story. So, I used Ali Edwards long journaler for that.



One of my favorite details of this week is that I used another long journaler to gather all of my tweets & facebook posts from the week. Since I've been including these snippets in Project Life , my posts have skyrocketed I'm afraid and I'm sure I've annoyed all friends & followers with a play by play of my life! But it is so easy for me to capture the small moments this way. I am thinking about using Momento so I can capture our life without feeling like I am oversharing.



So very excited to have made a layout!! It was a rare evening I made it to the craft room & I did my best to channel two of my favorites, Lisa & Stephanie. I think I finished it well under an hour and really had a blast during the process. I think my creative juices are finally coming back!!


While I was out of town I left the camera for Mitch to capture life. I unintentionally left the camera on black & white but now LOVE that those pictures really come together as a set due to this happy accident.



I am still loving this project & will be excited to get back on track. I already have week six in page protectors & am adding layers here & there.

As usual, you can click on the Project Life page above to see all of the images from the week. Thanks for looking!



Donna Jannuzzi said...

Monica, I love what you're doing with this project. I'm following your blog just to see what you do with it... Keep up the inspiring work. :) God bless.

Jen said...

Love how it's coming together! I can't believe how much detail you've put into each week, even when you're away!
I have started to use Momento - love it, but need to make it more of a habit. Love that it pulls in tweets, FB and your momento logs.

Christina said...

I'm planning to use my Tweets as part of Project Life and I'd like to know how you can go back and format/print them? (I'm going to print them either weekly or monthly and I already have Ali's long journalers.)


Love you Project life. Where do you get the transparent sheet with the month and number on it? I love that idea. I will be doing WITL with excited. Have been doing my prep work. If you can reply about the transparency I greatly appreciate the info.
blessings and hugs