Friday, February 11, 2011

Will you be my Valentine?

At the beginning of the week Garrett brought home an assignment that was due on Thursday. It was a note from the Kindergarten teachers regarding valentine cards which we could start bringing to school on Thursday.

As usual my little guy took the instructions extremely literal and decided that they must be cards & were due on Thursday. So, on our unexpected home day on Wednesday due to hazardous road conditions (read another snow day) we made valentines. It took alot of discussion to get Garrett onboard that valentines did not have to literally be a card :)

Once I showed him his options on my Tumblr he was onboard but only if we did both of the ones he liked :) Of course, I'm a sucker for this kid so we did two valentines this year.

Up first the adorable lips & moustache lollipops.

IMG_1631 PSE

So glad he got on board because these are fun & they were easy!! I found the idea, printable and templates at Blonde Designs. Garrett's job was sticking the lollipops in the foam and the rest was all Mama.

IMG_1655 PSE

IMG_1664 PSE

IMG_1665 PSE

Second up, found at eighteen25, a candy bar wrapper idea, tutorial & printable. Simple & Garrett was able to help since there was a lot of taping involved.

IMG_1674 PSE

IMG_1724 PSE

We were able to finish (pretty much) all this up during Owen's monster morning nap & afternoon nap.

I should have been squeezing in some work while O slept but that is a perspective of priority.

While I'm scrambling the rest of this week as a result of that lost day I truly believe in 10 years I won't be lamenting the lost day of work & I will cherish the day spent with my 6 year old collaborating & creating Valentines.



angie said...

You will certainly never regret it! So cute.

Deanna said...

The kids will love those valentines!
we did boxed cards from the store this year.

Melanie said...

Wonderful ideas and believe me, you won't regret it:)

Melissa said...

Sounds like the perfect snow day! What a wonderful memory.