Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What We Do Matters & Project Life Week 4

Before I jump into sharing week four I want to share this story.

Last week while sitting in training I was throughly entertained by a particular presenter. He was probably in his mid to late 50s, lively & interjected the best jokes throughout his talk. When asked if there were any questions I couldn't help but ask him where he got his jokes since the laughter of the crowd clearly indictated I wasn't the only one enjoying them. As he went to explain the source of his second joke he choked up and the group fell silent.

With composure regained he said "My mother. I lost her last week & found it in her scrapbook. She was a special lady."

Taking the time to leave bits of our lives from our perspective for our children, spouse, friends, extended family matters. What we do has an impact on the lives around us. We may not see the impression we leave on the hearts of our loved ones but trust me, it is there.

With that, I would like to share Project Life, Week 4.

This week I went overboard on the inserts but our week was so full. Becky Higgins makes it clear that "how you use Project Life is completely up to you." So I let go of the worry of too much & just went with it.


I went on a fairly big shopping spree on Saturday & wanted to capture not only the receipts but also what I bought. So, I tucked a journaling card behind the receipts for my words & then tiered the receipts so I could see the stores which will likely change in years to come.



To unify two pictures that were related to the same tweet I backed them with the same patterned paper. Using my Studio Calico scraps is making me very, very happy! I get to personalize the project to me & I get to use my stash!


I had a little bit of space between the 8x8 page protector & the rings so I slipped in a scrap of paper & adhered my facebook post to it.




I think I've found a good place for bits of work that Garrett brings home from school. I didn't want to add yet another page protector so I cut his paper into fourths in order to fit the spaces I had.




Included a printed recipe I used this week mainly because I wanted to keep the charred bit of paper from my lack of attention to how close the paper was to the stove!


If you would like to see more detailed shots you can visit Week Four on Flickr or click the Project Life link under the banner.



Melanie said...

Your book is beautiful! I enjoy reading everything you post. I think that you very talented.

Nancy W said...

Looks awesome, this is my first time using this book, so are you using one page for several days? I want mine to reflect my life as you are showing yours but I'm having a hard time getting my mojo to kick in. That and my life seems of so boring and repeatative! (sp?)

Love that you shared that story with us, thanks for all your inspiration!!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful story... makes me smile for sure. and awesome week 4!

Molly said...

This was a fabulous post Monica! Scrapbooking DOES matter and it's so wonderful when someone out in the "real" world recognizes it! I loved your use of Project Life for this week. Photos, receipts, journaling it had it all!

Laura T. said...

Wow - your album is beautiful! Love the additional "pieces" you are adding to your album.

Anonymous said...

Keep all those photos of your little Aggie....and use them when he graduates. My daughter told us when she was 3 that she was going to A&M...and she did...we had tons of her Aggie photos at her graduation party and it was the hit of the party :)
Be sure to get some of your children walking away from you..you will use them later (and cry!!)
And now we've started all over with our grandaggie
Love your PL!