Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Project Life, Week Three

I'm really loving this project. Garrett calls it our "family album". He is blown away that it is going to have 52 weeks of our life included. Over the weekend he told me "Mom you're doing a good job on the album. Yeah, real good. " LOVE that he loves it.

I am usually not very good with long term projects but with him as my cheerleader I have a good shot at seeing this through!


This week I had an opportunity to include a joke that he told me that had me genuinely laughing. Most times his jokes don't make any sense but this was a good one. I've not successfully captured these little tidbits before so I'm so pleased it is captured here.


Another unique twist to this week was a non-traditional layout. I used an American Crafts divided page protector for my pictures and a 6x12 page protector to hold my long journaling template from Ali Edwards.

Family Game Night was the unofficial theme of week 3 & while it was there, part of ordinary life, it isn't something I'm inspired to traditionally scrapbook right now. This was the perfect place to capture this slice of life.



If you would like to see more detailed shots you can visit Week Three on Flickr or click the Project Life link under the banner. Coming up next, Week 4!



lisa truesdell said...

loving this, monica! love the mix of page protectors.

Anonymous said...

awesome! love the mix up too :)