Sunday, March 20, 2011

Project Life, Week Eight

Last night I was able to stay up past my bedtime and finish week eight. That feels really good.

The challenge set by my husband was only to use 6 pages. I also decided to not use the computer for any journaling & to not pull my tweets or facebook posts from the week. I was able to complete in a couple of hours instead of the week it usually sits on my table.

It was also key that I was able to keep my eyes open more than 30 minutes after the boys went down.


This was a busy week for us with almost something every day after school & these calendar journal cards were perfect!




I'm not crazy in love with this week but it is done & that counts for alot!

Jeannette asked if I print at home or somewhere else. I have a HP Photosmart Pro B8350 at home and when I first started Project Life I printed exclusively at home. I would only print the pictures that I knew I was going to use. After one week where I fought with the printer to get to color right on a black & white I started printing at Walgreens. I do print all my iPhone pictures at home.

Since I've been behind I've been printing a few weeks at a time. From my last batch printing last weekend I have the pictures from week nine left. What I love about Walgreens is that they are ready in an hour. So, today I will send to print weeks ten & eleven and then on my way home from the grocery pick them up.

When I print my batches I tend to print more than what will be included in the week. I've been putting the leftover pictures in a bin and will file them away in my 2011 Q1 Storage Binder so they are available to scrapbook later.

If you would like to see more pictures from this week just click on Project Life under the banner. Thanks for stopping by!


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