Monday, February 13, 2012

Project Life 2012: Week 2 and a Little Something Extra

Hello! The weekend was good for me and much chocolate has been consumed. Saturday I completely unplugged from work & enjoyed the family while attacking laundry. Sunday I snuck in bits of work early morning (think 4:30AM) when the family wasn't awake so the kids remained oblivious to the fact that I had to bring work home this weekend. My time is theirs & I like to keep it that way.

In other news Garrett had a Karate tournament on Saturday and won first place in his form & in sparring. So very proud of him since we had a big talk this week about my investment of time during the week (class on Wednesday & Thursdays) and the necessity for his time outside of class to reflect his own personal commitment. We really try to teach the boys, especially Garrett, the value of time through our actions. Activities that don't increase the overall quality of life don't get much of our time. I would love for them to grow into men who see their investments of time much more valuable than their investments of money. I digress. We saw a good increase in practice at home & it paid off this weekend. Love when life lessons work out that way :)

As I type it's Sunday evening (I should have had this post drafted a week ago!) & now that the kids are asleep I still have a few tasks to mark off my list for tomorrow. So my friends this will be a picture heavy, word light post since my eyes are ready to close.

Project Life Weekly Share

First up to share is Week 2 of 2012. I can already tell its going to kill me to not add lots of words to this post. Moving on....




There will be a full supply list at the end but I LOVED working with Cathy Zielske's 6x12 Photo Templates. Super easy to use & I was able to include several shots of Garrett's belt testing in an insert. I went completely digital on this particular template. I'm branching out!!



The other side of the insert uses another template from the 6x12 Photo Template. I tried so hard to keep this one 100% digital using just a background paper for the journaling squares but it just felt too flat for me. So instead I used the digital Cobalt Edition Journaling Cards and the Clementine Edition Journaling Cards for my journaling squares but instead of printing my journaling on the cards I left them blank so I could handwrite it.

I wanted the journaling to be on cardstock so when I went to print my file I hid the picture layers and then printed them separately so I could layer on. Essentially, I printed only the journaling block layers on cardstock, went back and printed only the photo layers on photo paper and then brought it all together with my handwritten journaling. I was so pleased I took the extra little time, it felt so much more like me.



I'm really loving Page Protector Design G for the mix of horizontal & vertical pictures.


MMcNeillFeb1h v2


MMcNeillFeb1j v2

Since I was feeling a bit confident in my digital skills I decided to give my blog banner a much needed facelift. I used elements from the Clementine Edition Full Elements to add a little extra to my standard blog banner format. If you are not visiting the site go ahead and click over. I love the new look!


If you have any questions please ask, especially since I was light on words (for me) today. Not sure if I'll check in again this week but here's hoping I do!

Becky Higgins (Page Protector Design A, Page Protector Design G and 6x12 Page Protector, Clementine Edition, Cobalt Edition, Turquoise Cardstock, Clementine Digital Edition, Cobalt Digital Edition)
Cathy Zielske (6x12 Photo Template)
Cosmo Cricket (Chipboard Letters Iron Port)
Basic Grey (Micro Mono Stickers Life of the Party)
Jenni Bowlin (Reverse Brown Stickers)
EK Punch
White Labels
Studio Calico (Scrap Pad, Stamps, Alpha Stamps, County Fair January Kit)
Recollections (Tag Punch)



Melanie said...

thinking i might just need to snag some of those G page protectors for inserts when they finally come back to amazon. :)

StakiMama said...

I did a bit of digital last week to fit a whole lot of journaling on to 2 6x4 vertical spots & I too felt it was too flat so I added some twine & punched circle from the grid cards & some words cut from the everyday life paper & it finished it off so nicely I added the same elements to the monthly divider.
I love the detail in your pages, do you journal daily? I often find myself short on words if I leave my journaling to the end of the week when I pull my page together.

StakiMama said...

PS I love your new banner, it jumped out at me right away, very clever.

Anonymous said...

Wow I find your journaling to be very creative. Keep up the good work. I too am working on project life this year. Everyone has amazing ideas and talent.

Good work