Monday, December 12, 2011

Project Life, Week Thirty Nine

Yesterday we hosted Garrett's 7th birthday in our home and I'm still recovering just a bit. After last year's Harry Potter extravaganza I opted for a smaller, simpler lego party this year. What I forgot is how much harder things are with a toddler in tow and how much more you feel everything at 21 weeks pregnant. After the party my sciatica was getting the best of me so I laid down on the sofa to rest. It was great until I tried to get up and had a hard time standing straight!

So, even though I'm dying to play with paper I think it's best I head to bed shortly :) To appease myself a bit I'm here to share Week Thirty Nine. I think this is one of my simplest weeks so far and I still love it!




This week is looking promising with the potential to catch up on my December Daily, a scheduled Project Life playdate with some of my girlfriends and a Saturday Sew with my quilt guild to finish Mitch's Christmas present.

Hope you had a wonderful Monday!


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