Monday, December 19, 2011

Project Life, Week Forty Four

While I escape the work day with a few bites of a yummy slice of hamburger pizza from across the street and indulge in some garlic bread dipped in marinara I thought I would share my latest Project Life week finished. Can you tell with my focus on comfort food it's been a stressful morning which included but is not limited to driving to work not once but twice today because I left my wallet at home and didn't even have enough money to pay to park? Sheesh.

On to happier times, like Friday. I had a Project Life date with one of my favorite girlfriends and her new baby. In between gushing over our boys, general enjoyment of her company and admiring my new furniture in the playroom I actually was able to put the finishing touches on Week 44.

This week was all about Halloween, a new artist in the house, missing teeth, thankfulness, deer hunting, soccer, check ups two months too late, new recipes and Project Life.


What I love about this week is that I used the Turqouise edition (my opening card), the Amber edition (my thankful cards) and the Cobalt edition (the card on Owen's drawing) and it all worked together!! I love that I can mix and match the different editions to get a look that is me.


I broke out my typewriter for the first time and really love the feel it gives the week. But, I'm afraid I don't know how to really use it since it doesn't seem the ribbon actually moves/progresses/winds when I type. It should, shouldn't it? Yeah, I have no idea. So, whenever it was looking too faint I would manually "reel" the tape. I don't think I should have to do that. Any ideas?


One of my favorite things is the added extra instagram pictures to the month divider. I just realized I forgot to take a picture of the back of this divider but there are more pictures there too!




For my Halloween pictures I added Design D and really loved the way I could highlight my vertical pictures and have enough room to play and add in the story. I really don't think through the orientation of my pictures very much during the week so I love having the flexiblity to incorporate all of the pictures I take with all the different page protectors.




To unify the two pictures of the Dutch baby I cut a 4x6 Turquoise edition card in half so it could fit into the 3x4 slots. Quick and easy. You will notice I don't always add journaling for a picture. For example, the pictures of Garrett playing soccer were pretty self explanatory. I call it done at that point. When I do add journaling I really like adding it right to the picture, that way I have more room to add more stories.


Since I tend to layer in lots of little bits from my stash, some of which is very old I don't really highlight the products I use. But if you have questions, please ask!

Also, a couple of posts I have rolling around in my head are how I keep my products organized, my favorite journaling products, tips for those starting Project Life in 2012 (really anyone working on Project Life) and maybe a bit of my process. Would you guys be interested in this behind the scenes look? If there is anything else you can think of I'm open to suggestions.

Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!



Stephanie Shepherd said...

Love the idea of putting instagrams on the month dividers. I wouldn't have thought of that!

holly said...

I would love to hear some behind the scenes stuff on your and tricks, etc. as a fellow working mom, I'd love to know how you make sure you make time for this project while balancing family and your career.