Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Project Life, Week Forty

So my list is out of control crazy tonight and includes baking, sewing, building a table and those are only the have to's. The want to's are December Daily & Project Life but I'm trying not to kid myself :) So, while Garrett finishes his dessert which he forgot to eat after dinner and I'm a sucker letting him eat right before bed, I thought I'd pop in to share Week 40 of Project Life.

It may look familiar because it went live on Becky Higgins blog today. I'm seriously still pinching myself that I am part of her creative team. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be working with this amazing group of women.

As bedtime is quickly approaching here is Week 40. But before I do there has been a request from Garrett to type this: Go Aggies!

This week was about a missing tooth, ice cream in October, afternoons in the park, signs of Owen, school field trip, school accomplishments, snuggles, the first tardy of Garrett's school career and remodeling progress.


That little envelope holds a very special something that I wanted to keep but is not for little eyes.


The little envelope might have something to do with this next picture, but who knows? :)





I'm off to read a bedtime story. Hope you have had a wonderful day!


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