Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The End

of the Halloween pictures. I do apologize that you are having to sit through the last round of pictures this late into November but this is really for the grandparents.

The actual night of Halloween Garrett attended his very first Halloween Party. The hosts were generous & the kids had a blast. This is a shot of Garrett gazing in wonder at the magician who was really a hoot. He still talks about the tricks played on him & his buddy.

He had to just make sure that these were just decorations & not actual children. Mitch loved this kickback to Charlie Brown.

I was in love with the decorations. They were preparing to tear down the house to build a new one so they were able to go crazy with the decorations. Very, very cool.

Just as we were leaving to start our Trick or Treating the fire came out. Of course we had to stay to watch!

We did make it back to the neighborhood & the boys made it longer than I thought they would after the excitement of the party.

Garrett was so excited about all the candy which due to rationing we still have in the house!!

My focus is now turning to Thanksgiving & we've been talking alot about what we are thankful for. For weeks Garrett has told me he just doesn't know. Well, finally he has his list, 1)His animals 2)Mommy & Daddy 3)His things. Glad to see that we come before his things but have to laugh that we are after the animals!



Lee said...

Of course, after the animals :) He's adorable. Thanks for sharing your Hallowe'en, Monica. Love, LOVE your pics!

April P. said...

thanks for sharing G's halloween with all of us (and not just halloween) . . . he's such an adorable little guy that I love seeing your everyday life and not just your crafty projects (though those are a bonus too!) :-)

Anthea Goodman said...

In some ways I wish we had Thanksgiving over here in the UK. I'd love to be able to ask my 4 year old what she is thankful for! Unfortunately I'm not sure the concept has really occurred to her yet!

Barb said...

Ooooh, I'm LOVING all your photos. He's such a cutie, and you've captured such wonderful sights from Halloween. Great lighting and colours, Mon!

Rachel said...

So sorry to leave a comment unrelated to your post, but just wanted to tell you I linked to you today.
Thanks for blogging and sharing!
Best wishes. :)