Friday, November 20, 2009

Right Now

Taking some time to capture this little guy right now.

Right now he is preoccupied by the sequence of holiday events.

G: So what's after Thanksgiving?
M: My birthday.
G: And after your birthday?
M: Your birthday.
G: And after my birthday?
M: Christmas.
G: And after Christmas?
M: The New Year.
G: What's that?
M: 2009 is finished & 2010 begins.
G: Oh. After that?
M: Valentines.

And the cycle continues.

Right now he is afraid of the dark and is scared of being alone.

Right now he refuses to give & receive kisses and demands to be called big boy. No other term of endearment including but not limited to baby, sugar, sweetie, and my love is acceptable.

Right now he tells me he is a smart guy. He tells me he is curious. He does not lack in self confidence.

Right now we have the most interesting, random conversations.

G: When does the world end?
M: Ummmm. Well,....why do you ask that question?
G: Well, the world is round so where does it end.
M: Oh! Yes, the world is round. So really there isn't an end but there is a North Pole & a South Pole so a top and a bottom.
G: OK.

Right now his favorite snack is Pirate's Booty. I think he likes it as much as for the taste as the name.

Right now is favorite show is Lilo & Stitch and everytime time Lilo says "Big Dummy" he tells me that was not very nice.

Right now he is mastering his negotiation skills. He does not outright disagree with your decisions but he quietly & masterfully continues to approach from a different angle.

Right now he adores playing with his Daddy. He is finally showing an interest in soccer and can hit the ball with his head. He begs Daddy to wrestle and is actually very strong.

Right now he jumps off everything he can and sticks every landing.

Right now his favorite station on the radio is 102.1 The Edge. He likes songs with a strong fast beat and always asks for it to be louder. He practices his moves in his seat and when he catches me watching in the mirror gets embarrassed. He seriously has some moves.

Right now he is reading simple words, simple books and adding two digit numbers. He is attempting to read everything around him while we are out and loves to play school at home.

Right now we end everynight with a book and snuggles and start each morning with him running down the hallway to climb into our bed and snuggle.

Right now we love him more & more everyday.



April P. said...

I see great journaling for a future page. Great job on capturing the "right now" of G!

Cheri said...

looks like a layout in the making.

Lee said...

Love it, Monica. What a lovely little man you have :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Very nice!!
I am glad you clarified the end of the world question before launching into a totally different discussion. A friend of mine's son asked about why there are he/she people and she thought about some major physical issues and delved into them. The child was wondering about boys that were their hair as long as girls!!!!!!!!!

Katie said...

my kids ask me the same kind of thing - whose birthday / what holiday is next? and they ask all the time!

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

I love how you've captured Garrett right now. What a great journaling idea (and great future scrapbook page!)