Saturday, April 4, 2009

Breaking News

Blurb now works with Blogger again!

So for those of you keeping a blog out on Blogspot these days you may have been bummed that Blurb did not work with Blogger. Well, I checked in this morning and as I type I am slurping my blog to Blurb!

You guys have no idea how much this excites me. I was already begging Mitch to transfer all my Blogspot posts into Typepad, since that works with Blurb, so I could make a Book of 2008. He is going to be so happy.

You may wonder why I want to turn this little blog into a book. Well, I've always considered myself a terrible journaler. I buy all the beautiful journals and then write one entry. However, I've turned out to be a bit of regular blogger and I would love to get all of this on paper.

Update, while I typed these few little words everything from 2008 made its way from Blogger to Blurb. I'll certainly post a review of how user friendly this process turns out to be.


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Fun Mama - Deanna said...

So, how have you found it so far? I didn't think I was interested in this, but I've started thinking that I wish some of my favorite bloggers would make their blogs available in may 6 month - 1 year installments so I can refer back to them or read them on the porch without my computer. And to think that a year ago I barely knew what a blog was (only reading Stacy Julian's and Ali Edward's).