Thursday, January 15, 2009


that Simple Scrapbooks is ceasing publication.

I think it is best that you read the details from the source so here is the official announcement, here is the follow up, and here is the founding editors perspective. To the left among the blogs I haunt you will find many more perspectives.

Here is mine.

I am deeply saddened that Simple Scrapbooks will be no longer. I am eternally grateful that I decided to chase my dream of being published in Simple this summer because I am truly honored to have graced their pages if only for two publications.

I adore the Simple philosophy and all those scrappers that live it; those that have nurtured the thought that simplicity is good and provided an inclusive message, those published to share this vision with a large community and those that have created community in their blogs, message boards and online classes. I am not alone tonight in my heartache.

That is my heart. Here is my head.

It is important that in these economic times that we support what we hold dear. I understand that many of our households are adjusting what we consider disposable income. However, what we do have to spend we must spend wisely.

I believe that we need to pull together to support Creating Keepsakes & CK Media. I don't know much about the publication business but common sense tells me that if we don't support Creating Keepsakes there will be another unwelcome message.

I am hopeful that we Simple fans will see the philosophy we love folded back into Creating Keepsakes. Tonight my heart goes out to those who made Simple Scrapbooks possible for all us. I can only imagine their disappointment and how this will effect their lives.



Katie Scott said...

well said. I'm so sad too. Congratulations on being published!

purpledaisy said...

on 1/14, right before i went to bed...i subscribed to the magazine for 2yrs...then yest heard this sad.