Tuesday, January 13, 2009

16 Dreams of Mine

Did you know that today is Make Your Dream Come True Day?

How fun is that? Especially for someone whose favorite quote is "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Eleanor Roosevelt

In honor of this fun day and a fun tag going around here are 16 of my dreams in no particular order:

1. I dream of having hardwood floors throughout the house so I cannot be annoyed everytime I walk through my home and see spills, animal hair and remnants of animal throw up.

2. I dream of not having bins of clothes in my attic & closet that will someday fit again because its a reminder of how I have not taken care of myself.

3. I dream of finding my niche in the crafting world and being able to expand my presence because this is my passion.

4. I dream of only working my day job during the hours my son is in school because I want to be the one who sits and helps him with homework, hears about his day and gives him his afternoon snack.

5. I dream of a 50th wedding anniversary and more because the love of my life makes me a better person.

6. I dream of a lake house with a beautiful studio that has windows facing the lake and a fishing boat for my husband because that would be a way for us to get away.

7. I dream of a visit with Pam because I desperately miss my best friend.

8. I dream of being a Simple Girl because I believe in the simple philosophy.

9. I dream of a house full of children because this is my hearts desire.

10. I dream of picking up running again because that makes me feel strong.

11. I dream of mending fences in neglected friendships because it hurts my heart when I think of what is lost.

12. I dream of French doors instead of sliding doors into the sunroom to make the space feel cozier.

13. I dream of the craft table from Target because the one from Pottery Barn isn't in the budget.

14. I dream of finding a faith home because we are without one right now and I feel lost.

15. I dream of a home filled with laughter because there is no better sound.

16. I dream of helping one person with my life story because this is how I bring purpose to hardships I have lived.

Technically this tag is 16 Things About Me but I personally think you can learn alot about someone when you peek at their dreams. So, if you are reading this, consider yourself tagged!



Lee said...

Look at you, you're even an over-achiever in your dreams :) Great list! I do, truly, hope all of your dreams come true.

Brené said...

i love this - it's brave to share your dreams with us.

Celeste said...

i hope you were dreaming about winning a big box of scrap goodies. because well you did. :) go check out my blog!