Saturday, December 20, 2008


I drive myself crazy......

Since I created the Christmas card earlier in the week I've been looking for my list of addresses on & off. But today was the day, the day I had determined that the cards must go out.

Slight problem. Still didn't know where my addresses were hiding. I've searched the house & car high & low and nothing. I think there is a possibility they may be at work.

A year ago to the month I switched jobs and spent the first two weeks settling in. I recall putting in my business addresses into Outlook and since they are there I suppose I must have. At the same time, I decided I wanted all my personal addresses in a handwritten address book and had it in the back of the car so I could transfer addresses when I had a spare moment.

The result? I have a random mix of addresses in Outlook and maybe 5 handwritten ones in my book. The source of all my addresses, which was a print out from Outlook at previous employer, is missing.

I have to chuckle when my friends tease me about everything I do or my mad organizational skills because honestly I think the below describes me best and my head shakes in agreement everytime I revisit it

" Those born on November 29th....are a bit like a stationary hurricane - whirling around but not necessarily leaving anytime soon. Those who dare to enter into the hurricane's eye can be sure that they will be protected from harmful outside influences." from The Secret Language of Birthdays.

(An aside: This book is great & I consulted it when picking my induction date with Garrett)

I suppose losing my list is just a casualty of Hurricane Monica always whirling about.

To get to the end of it I spent the day finishing off 50 cards and managed to accumulate those addresses. I still have outliers that I will try to find addresses by picking up the phone but I have until Monday for those to go out.

The beauty of creating my cards and printing as normal 4x6 is that when you order 100 they are only 15c a print. Less than 100 is still only 19c a print.

Unfortunately they looked a little small compared to the 5x7s we've been receiving. So, I created a home for them and stamped the back original.

I had a bit of "Is this good enough to claim as my own?" but settled with if I love it then it is and I do.



Lee said...

Totally love the idea of "stationary hurricane"! Your cards are lovely. Some day I just might do some of my own :)

Anonymous said...

Love your cards. Matting them was a good idea - made them look real good.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.