Friday, December 19, 2008

"So, he's perfect in every way.....

except that he's a picky eater." quoting Garrett's pediatrician

My dear son had his four year check up today and got a glowing review from his doctor. I was actually very anxious about this appointment. My little guy seems so small and he just doesn't eat. Not to mention I had heard that this was a check up with lots of shots.

I had talked to Garrett about the shots and motivated him with a trip to Target if he was Mommy's brave boy during the shots.

This will probably not be the first time my son will far exceed my expectations.

He was brilliant during the checkup and then came the shots. He received four in his arms and I held his hands and he just sat there and winced his eyes.

Not one single tear.

The nurse was in awe.

I was overwhelmed with pride by his courage. Especially since I had just declared courage as my word for the year. Here was my little one setting a stellar example.

I couldn't stop telling him how proud I was of him. After that we went to the lab so he could give blood. Since he doesn't eat meat we like to check him each year to make sure he's not anemic. Again, he was a trooper.

This will not be the first time my son exceeds my expectations.

We are blessed that he is in perfect health.

The doctor is not concerned with his eating habits but because we are gave us some guidance to help us get him to try new foods. He noted in Garrett's file that this year we were going to work on eating different foods.

He joked with me that in his years as a pediatrician he's noticed two things. The well fed children are always in sick and the picky eaters are some of his smartest. Think he was just trying to make Mom feel better?



Lee said...

Isn't it great when they exceed our expectations. Good for Garrett!! Better for you, glad it turned out so well, I knew you were anxious.

Kyla said...

What a brave little man! I too, dreaded those 4 year old shots. My little girl ended up having 6 shots in her leg and didn't even whimper! They are such surprising little things! Way to go Garrett!

P.S. I'd LOVE to see pics of your kitty cat!

The Bethancourts said...

well then John must be an Einstein because he refuses so much food lately it's driving me CRA-zy!