Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Four Days to Christmas Quilting Adventure

Yes, I know today is actually two days until Christmas but this was supposed to go out two days ago....

The last few days have been a blur of racing against deadlines and yesterday I was plum exhausted. Good exhausted but wooped none the less.

So, here are all my sandwiches ready for sewing.

The most efficient way to get through all those stacks is repetition. You will be making a big X on each square to quilt them. Start in a corner and sew a straight line to the other corner.

I recommend you just keep sewing; remember, repetition is the key to efficiency in this step. I think this is technically called chain sewing but I like I said, I am not a master seamstress.

Just let your little chain of sandwiches accumulate behind the machine.

To decrease efficiency but maximize memories add an intrigued four year old to the process. Love that my mother in law was here to take these next pictures. Not sure if I've mentioned but I'm doing this project in the playroom so I don't lock myself away in the craft room.

Here is the chain of sandwiches.

Go ahead and cut the chains because you have only sewed half your X.

Now you will start on the opposite corner and sew a straight line to the other corner.
Ta Da you have now finished your X. But keep going and do this in a chain.

When you finish a stack cut the strings in between, make a stack and repeat until all stacks are gone.

I have 98 more sandwiches to X this morning and then the piecing will begin.


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