Monday, October 13, 2008

Twelve Things In My Head

1. This little book by Lain Ehmann comes out in December and looks like so much fun!

2. Donna Downey has begun a personal campaign for creativity. Perhaps it is just my own awakening but I'm loving the increased focus on the importance of creativity in our lives.

3. My friend Lee has begun a new blog focused on her artistic endeavours and I'm already loving The Linar Studio.

4. Found these popcorn balls at Walmart yesterday and oh my goodness they are DELICIOUS!

5. Look at my $10 find at IKEA this weekend. This tent is so much fun. He's slept much better in his room the last two nights.

6. Yes that is underwear flying from the bed. When Grandma comes to visit Garrett likes to play raining underwear and socks.

7. Every day I see this it makes me happy. 8. I was so excited to find Ali Edwards new book Sharing Your Story at The Scrapbook Barn and I'm taking it in slowly.

9. Speaking of The Scrapbook Barn I made a complete fool of myself on Friday.

They say they are always looking for teachers and I decided to ask more about their need because I've been toying with the idea of trying to teach a class. Well, let me tell you my confidence level is NOT high on this subject matter and I do believe it showed.

I felt like an teenage girl on the debate team (that really was me) asking a member of the football team to Homecoming. In desperation to save the conversation I whipped out my Revisit album hoping that my work would speak for itself but I think I came off trying to hard and didn't really get a response.

They offered the email of the class coordinator (which is on the class schedule for anybody) and said I could visit with her about my ideas. But I do believe I'm going to let this go for a bit. I'm just kicking myself for bringing this up when I wasn't really sold myself.

10. While we are on the subject of my brilliance. I was so tired on Friday that I forgot to close my contact lens case. This was bad because my prescription had run out and that was my last pair. Which meant on Saturday I was stuck in my ancient glasses out in public and felt very uncomfortable because my peripheral vision was shot and I was self conscious.

However, this was good because I did find out at my crash eye appointment that my prescription was too strong which may explain all my recent headaches during the week since I'm on the computer 100% of the time. Here are my new glasses.

12. Since I'm taking self portraits here is my hair. Why is this important? Two weeks ago I committed to myself and my hairdresser to grow out my hair for Locks of Love. I went to a blunt cut and am going to start the prenatal vitamins so my hair will grow like wildfire. They are going to need at least 10 inches. I'll keep you posted on the growth.

Have a great Monday!


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