Monday, October 13, 2008

Twelve Things In My Head Including Eleven

My lovely husband pointed out this morning that I forgot to include #11. I could pretend that I was saving it for this topic but the truth is I just can't count. Great to know I'm a CPA huh?

11. I observed Garrett at school this morning and he is a happy kid today. I watched him for 30 minutes and I would say for 10 of that he was working and the other 20 he was either distracting the little girl next to him, making himself laugh or dancing.

Yes, dancing. I think its so cool that he is running around with a soundtrack in his head. Sometimes there was full body dancing and other the dancing was restricted to shoulder movement.

I think this was the most pleased I've been with an observation in 2 1/2 years because he looked so happy.


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Missy said...

I'm just impressed that you can have that many things on your mind at once!

Thanks for coming to Lindley's party. It meant a lot to have you guys there!