Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Recycle, Reuse, Repeat

I decided to look through some of my layouts in my albums for any that would fit the calls. Here is one that I submitted for the column Focus on the Photos: 10 Photos. The scan looks crooked but in real life the columns are staight. I just think it was the way PSE6 created the panorama.

Garrett's First Bath: Left

Garrett's First Bath: Right

I've also submitted for the Our Readers: Spring & Easter call Mitch's soccer layout.

For the Spring call I updated two layouts of Garrett.

On this one all I did was add his name because he has been taken for a girl in the yellow!


A. Looking through this Harold's Ad of Mom's is serious business.

B. Let's see what we have here. Lots of pictures. Lots of words. Lots of trouble.

C. Hey Mom! What are you doing? How cute am I? I'm not up to anything.

D. This is mine. Finders keepers Mom. You left it on the table and that is fair game.

At eight months you were table walking and sitting up well enough for us to walk out of the room just long enough for you to get into a little bit of trouble.

The last updated layout is one I actually created in the Spring but the journaling just didn't sit well with me so here is the new & improved version.


If you look beyond the poor quality you can see why this shot touches my heart.

This is a look I see often in our day to day life and this day I actually caught it, barely.

I've been warned that the time is going to get away from me and you will transform before my eyes into a young man. Not sure I'm ready for this to happen so I'll be sure to keep snapping away and cherish the shots, even the out of focus ones, that capture your loving spirit.



Missy said...

Can you believe that the first bath was almost 4 years ago!?! It' going by too fast...

I love the layouts!

Kyla said...

These are such sweet layouts! I especially like that 2nd one. He's such a cutie!