Monday, September 1, 2008

Resurfacing Again

My deadline was met and I've recovered from my nasty summer cold which really knocked me down. I took a few days with the family to get back to normal and now I'm ready for September.

My productivity is down which is a good thing; I feel like I've been going full speed the last couple of months and really needed some time to breathe over the weekend.

But because I am crafty I do have a few layouts to share. Also, I've started putting together a photo album scrapbook with Garrett's Baptism pictures. Not sure when I'll wrap it up but its nice to revisit that special time.

Mitch finally got a layout about him as Mitch, not Daddy or Husband!

Finally got to document Garrett's special friendship at school.

I've been wanting to share my new haven for a few weeks now but life got in the way. The Paper Source has opened a new store in Dallas! I've ordered online a few times but the in store experience is simply amazing. Here are a few of my finds.

This awesome Expression Pack has all sorts of wonderful words that are just screaming to be used in a mini album about things I hold dear.

This stamp will probably appear on everything I create!

Even the paper bag you bring your goodies home in is inspiring and will find a home on my upcoming layout about The Paper Source as a place I go.

I don't know yet how this paper will be used but I just couldn't resist.

So much fun buying these folded cards. I think I'll go ahead and use them as journaling spots for layouts that are a little more private than most. While I am pretty open, there are some topics that are private but still important to document. I've been contemplating a special album that truly is just for me.

This fun paper will be used in a photo album scrapbook dedicated to our visits to Port O'Conner. Now I just have to find the right album.

I smile every morning I drink coffee out of this mug.

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy. Feels good to blog again.


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HappyGirl said...

cool stamp . . . great mug!