Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Exhausted & Anxious

That's it, times up, put your adhesive down.

Last night I wrapped up my two last layouts and went to bed exhausted and with butterflies in my stomach. I am hoping to prove I am not a one hit one wonder but fully realize that just because I was lucky enough the first time to have some of my worked picked for publication that does not mean this will happen again.

So instead I will take satisfaction in the fact that this round of submissions gave me the opportunity to scrap alot of my favorite memories and my favorite picture. Also, I think I found my style groove and that was pretty cool.

Submissions for Spring/Easter Open Call:

Journaling: Garrett & Grace Ann on their first trip to the zoo together. We tried to get you guys to sit for a photo op but Garrett decided to give Grace Ann a flower instead. 2006

Journaling: The Zoo - our go to activity. When Spring hits we head out the door. Most days we go solo & linger as long as we like. Doors open at 9AM & we stay until 1 or 2PM. You used to fall asleep on the way home but that is quickly passing. Here we see two years have passed but so much is still the same. Mom 2008

So excited that I got to scrap my favorite picture.

Journaling: My wish for you is to keep this joy in you all your life. Garrett & Daddy 2008

Submission for 10 Photos:
Cascarones: 2 page layout

Cascarones Left

Cascarones Right


Cascarones are confetti filled eggs that are a Mexican tradition. They make up the single strongest Easter memories of my childhood and I hope to pass that to you.

Your first hunt in 2006 was shared with Grandpa, Grandma, Great Great, Bill & Jessamy. Everyone took a turn helping you find your eggs & teaching you how to crack cascarones.

Don’t get too used to taking turns getting each other. In a few short years we will enter the world of using pillow cases as baskets because when you run they can’t fall out. But be warned now I have heard many tears over the years because false footing crushed all the eggs in the pillow case.

Trust me, I’ll always be on your team and ready to help you corner whoever has an egg with their name written all over it.

By the way, you handled your first hunt beautifully.

Journaled by Mom 2008

I also submitted a my China Photo Album Scrapbook, Spell Garrett, Cousins & The Zoom album for the Album Open Call:

Which of your albums do you treasure most? Submit up to six pages of your favorite album, and tell us what makes it special.

Made this a bit ago for Garrett and he still loves looking at it. He gets to see his animals and eventually will learn how to spell their names.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful stuff. I am cheering for you!!! Lisa P

Lee said...

My goodness, you have been busy! Fingers crossed for you :)

Missy said...

Absolutely beautiful layouts; you are such a gifted crafter!

Kyla said...

WOW! Lots and lots of eye candy! I especially love that layout of your favorite photo. So very precious! I'll be cheering you on from my section of the world!