Sunday, September 28, 2008

Drive by Blogging

We are about to head out to a friends house to watch the Cowboy's game but I wanted to post some crafting from last night & this morning. Garrett & I have spent the day in the craft room catching up on my Have More Fun album (coming soon) and finishing up some submissions.

For the Spring Open Call:

For the 10 Photos Open Call:
Left Closeup
Right Closeup
For the Spring Open Call:
Not so sure about the last one since Mitch thought it was strange that I scrapped my knee. But its just part of the story. Maybe I'm wrong .....

Journaling Reads:
Mom was pushing my stroller & next thing I knew I was on my back going down the hill. These people cam to help us up. Mommy & her camera got hurt but I was OK. What a crazy trip to the zoo.

OK off to watch some football.


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