Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Crafting Goodness

One of my favorite things about my Library of Memories is that I am creating based on what I am inspired by not what I think I "should be" doing. So this weekend because I was worrying for my family in Houston and on the coast that were being affected by Hurricane Ike , I was inspired to create pages about them.

Luckily neither my sister inlaw's home or my inlaws home were damaged and they are all safe & sound.

12x12 featuring my Nephew & Brother in Law
These pages came together very easily and are based on sketches from Donna Downey's new book which I am just adoring.

12x12 (Left side) featuring my Son & Mother In Law
12x12 (Right Side)

I am very behind on my daily entry's but hope to catch up soon. I'm sure there will be an influx of postings later this week to share those.

Also, Simple Scrapbooks has their open calls posted so I'll be focusing on that the next two weeks.

I may go quiet on the blog to fit creating submissions into my schedule since my work has picked up again and there is only so much time.

But before I go, a fellow BPS classmate Katie Scott is a finalist in a Simple Scrapbooks contest and would appreciate your support. Her submission is pretty stinking cute and I've already voted myself.


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