Monday, September 15, 2008


Mitch isn't home yet & I cannot contain my excitement but I have to play it cool so what else to do but post that

Garrett is eating Mac & Cheese


Here's the thing. My little guy will only eat about 10 very particular things lovingly coined by him "Garrett Foods". Our pediatrician has not been concerned and instructed us to continue to offer new foods but not force his hand because this was a control issue and he would eventually come around. At our last visit I expressed my concern again due to his smaller stature and the pediatrician kindly told me that that could just be genetics. Yeah, I'm only 5'1'' but come on his Daddy his 6'5'' who waited to have his growth spurt in high school so it could be due to nutrition and not genetics.

So, I must say we've had our doubts regarding this prescribed course of action. We did try to force him to eat a sandwich once with lots of bribery attached and he pretty much made himself sick. That was our last forcing his hand experiment. Lately, I've been harboring concern that we have something more than control issues and will need food therapy. Yes, that is actually out there for children.

Here is what led to tonight's breakthrough .....

Last week Garrett & Mitch were at the grocery and Garrett saw Spiderman Macaroni. He was excited and as he put it in the cart told Mitch "That's for Jensen."

Yesterday Garrett & I were spelling Batman, Superman & Aquaman together and I drew his attention to the fact that they all share the same word "man". He found this intriguing.

This afternoon while we were looking through the pantry and Garrett picked Cheese Crackers we had the following exchange.

Garrett: Mom Cheese Crackers and Macaroni & Cheese rhyme.
Me: Yeah, they both have cheese in their name.
Garrett: I love cheese.
Me: Me too.

He walked over to the pantry and put the box on his shelf. I didn't react or mention anything.

Later tonight he was looking for something to eat and he declared he wanted to cook the Spiderman Macaroni & Cheese. Now, I wasn't excited yet. We've cooked things together before that he was excited about for him to then decide he didn't want to try it after it was cooked.

But tonight was different. He served himself and I held my breath as he picked up a piece with his hand to test it. No reaction; he just put it back in the bowl. And then he ate a bowl and had seconds and said it was "Delicious".


I know, its just macaroni & cheese but he tried something new! I know exactly how hard that can be sometimes and tonight I will celebrate. But of course must keep my cool so I don't ruin it by drawing too much attention to his new experience.



Lee said...

I had to laugh at your post ... well, WITH your post. My Cole has always had an adversarial relationship with food. You've made great progress. Okay, so I've just zapped my response! WAY TOO LONG. Send me an e-mail if you ever want to commiserate over poor eating habits :)
~ leecurrie at cogeco dot ca ~

Jennifer said...

Way to go Garrett! And congrats to you too Mom! I know how hard it can be to have a selective eater and know how EXCITING it is when he tries a new food. It is awesome!

I cheered for you and Garrett when I read your post, but I also had to laugh because mac & cheese is one of the ONLY things that my little guy WILL eat! His approved food list is only 10-12 items, but mac & cheese is #1 on the list!

I also struggled with my worry/instincts versus the pediatrician's opinion that Jonathan's limited diet was no big deal. It's too long a story to write here, but I did eventually get a referral and we have been in food therapy for about 6 months.

So, I celebrate with you. Hurray for you. Hurray for Garrett. And hurray for Mac & Cheese! :)

Jennifer ("JenniSIS" on BPS)

VW said...

Oh Monica, I can thoroughly relate! Peter also had a repertoire of about 10 foods (and not a veggie among them!). Then, last week, he tried a bologna sandwich, while I held my breath..(it is a miracle that he even tries something new) and declared it good! I about fainted with joy. I convinced him that bologna is basically a flat hotdog. As he's gotten a bit older, I've noticed he is getting a tiny bit more willing to branch out and at least try something. Hurray for Garrett!!!!

Anonymous said...

Add my little guy to the list of PICKY!!!! And he does not like any noodles of any kind - pretty much chicken, PBJ, and Pizza would be the only things served with the candy if he got to choose. He has tried spaghetti 3-4 times. Once he ate all of the sample at Costco - so I bought the exact noodles and sauce to make at home and he refused!! Last week I just gave him the stuff I make for all of us and he ate until he found hamburger in the sauce......... Just expect the unexpected and you'll be fine.
I think it is a lot about control and that they will eat before they starve - don't worry!! Lisa P

Jennifer said...

What a coincidence. I was catching up on another blog and stumbled upon this: