Thursday, August 7, 2008

A New Banner

because I thought you guys might be tired of looking at Garrett and Mitch.

In case you are wondering here is the story. When we moved back to Texas we looked for a house without a swimming pool. We are probably one of the very few homes in our neighborhood without one. While the thought of jumping in during the Texas heat is fabulous I just wasn't comfortable with the risk that comes with having a little one and a pool.

So, what do you do in the Texas heat when you don't have a pool? Turn the sprinklers on! This picture is one of the last in a series of Garrett enjoying our sprinklers in the backyard. Mitch and I had so much fun just watching him from the porch chairs.



Lee said...

Great photo!

Jennifer said...

Love the new banner - fantastic photo!

Kyla said...

Love the banner! What a great photo. He looks ALMOST as mischevious as my own little guy! Mine will turn two in September . . . how time flies!