Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mock Me Not

While checking out at Staples this week I saw it, the As Seen On TV product that repulsed and captivated me at the same time, the PedEgg.

One of the budget cuts I made as part of the team effort to tighten the belt was giving up my monthly pedicure. While fiscally responsible my feet have suffered. When I saw the PedEgg within reach I decided to blow $10 and give it a try.

It worked!! With little to no effort or time my feet are soft again! Don't be surprised if you are gifted a PedEgg for Christmas.


Editorial Note: Posted against the advisement of my better half.


Deanna said...

Monica, I saw the commercials for the ped-egg and was utterly repulsed. Then my mom bought one for me and I felt obligated to use it. I love it! I don't get regular pedicures either and my feet could sure use them. I saw in a recent issue of Consumer Reports that they actually thought it was a good product too. They don't seem to care for Saturns, which I love, so I know I don't always agree with them.

saner4 said...

My MIL gave me the ped-egg. She kept asking me if I had tried it yet, so I finally broke down and used it. I love it. It works great. Next best thing to a pedicure!

Noreen Smith said...

OK...if I see one at MY staples, I'm buying it!